Bristol is full of visually interesting buildings, structures, designs and patterns. Category sponsor Stride Treglown Architects will be looking for eye-catching images featuring interesting angles and views of the built environment in Bristol.

Follow Stride Treglown on Instagram @StrideTreglown for some great examples of Architectural photography from their in-house photographer, Tom Bright.


Tom has compiled some tips for smartphone architecture photography:

Finding the Best Angle - Every step or movement you make when looking at the building will create a different photographic composition. Try to experience as many angles as possible of the building before choosing your composition. This will give you the best chance of finding that one composition that will stand out for the judges.

Holding Phone. Hold your phone...

…the same distance from your eyes as if you were to look at it as a photograph. See tip 4.

…with your thumb on the volume button to take the picture. This reduces movement to avoid blurry images in lowlight conditions and is also a brilliant way to take covert pictures.

…with your arm bent, to maintain a steady hand if you are in a bumpy situation.

Composition - Try to see the building and its environment (including people!) as a series of lines and blocks of colour. When composing your photograph use the straight edges of the camera frame to interact with them – organise them by aligning with them or offset them to create a playful composition. 

Study your screen - Look at your screen as if it was the finished article. Would you be happy if it was a photograph? If not take the time to make adjustments.

Be creative - “Great photography is always on the edge of failure” (Gary Winogrand). Always encourage yourself to try something new!

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