Terms & Conditions

The Competition

The competition is open to anyone aged 13 or over submitting a photograph taken on a Smartphone or tablet and related to a day in the life of the City of Bristol and within the City boundary and taken between noon on Saturday, September 30th and noon on Sunday, October 1st 2017, according to the rules of the Competition. No images taken at any other time will be considered or will be eligible for prizes.


To enter the competition, all entrants must register online prior to the event at www.24hoursinbristol.co.uk. The closing date for competition registration and entry payment is 11.00am Saturday, September 30th

Registration and entry fees

The registration fee of £5 identifies the entrant as a participant in the competition and includes submission of the entrant’s first image to be taken within their allocated hour. Up to five additional images can be submitted for a further fee of £2 per image.

Allocation of Time Slots

All photographers entering the Competition will be required to visit Bristol between 12 noon on Saturday, September 30th and 12 noon on Sunday, October 1st 2017 and to take at least one photograph within their specified one-hour time slot. Time slots will be allocated by ballot and entrants will be notified of their time slot after they have completed the entry form and paid the registration fee.  Entrants will be informed of their specified hour, where possible, at least five days before the start of the competition.

Entrants must submit a minimum of one photograph taken during their allocated time slot to be eligible for prizes. This will ensure full 24 hour coverage of the city. Additional entry photographs can be taken at any time during the 24-hour competition period.

Uploading Entry Images - deadline

All entries must be submitted via the upload module on your ENTRY profile page on the event website at www.24hoursinbristol.co.uk by 0900 on Tuesday 3rd October 2017. All images should be uploaded at their original hi-res size.  Images should be at least 2MB and ideally no larger than 8MB.

Editing Images

Editing must be done within the smartphone or tablet device or via any apps or combination of apps on your phone or tablet. Images must not be altered from a desktop computer or laptop.

In some cases we may ask for the original image to verify that it has been taken with a smartphone or tablet. Any images created using apps which access desktop software using the mobile as a remote, or any photograph that cannot be verified as having been taken with a smartphone or tablet will be disqualified.

Health and Safety

Entrants are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure their own health and safety and that of any subjects they choose to photograph.  This applies especially to entrants in the 13-to-17 years category who should be accompanied by an appropriate adult. By entering the competition photographers acknowledge that all activities are undertaken at their own risk. This is particularly important when taking photographs during the hours of darkness. Judges will not be impressed by anything that they consider to be foolhardy or reckless. 

Privacy, Courtesy and Decency

There is no law preventing people from taking photographs in public, however, if you are taking photographs from private land, you will need to have the land owner's permission. Often what seems to be public space can be owned privately, so if challenged when taking photographs, be courteous and move on if asked to by the land owner or their agent.

Taking photographs of children in public places is allowed. The only time an offence is committed is if the photographs being taken are considered to be indecent. We request, however, that everyone photographing children who can be easily identified in the image, obtains the written permission of the parent or guardian, including a contact email or telephone number so that they can be contacted should the image be published. This also applies to anyone who is easily identifiable in a photograph, as if it is published, it is courteous to contact the subject beforehand.   

‘Model Release’ forms will be made available to all entrants before the competition and copies should be carried during competition weekend.  The Competition Organiser reserves the right to reject at its sole discretion any photographs that include content that is deemed to be inappropriate and/or offensive.

Digital format and manipulation

Entries shot on smartphone cameras and tablets are required.  Editing must be done within your device and/or via an app or combination of apps.  Digital manipulation may be used to crop or enhance an image but entrants are not permitted to remove or replace key elements of the composition. Minor elements can be enhanced and images can be sharpened. Composite or montaged images from more than one original image are not eligible - this includes images shot at different exposures/dynamic ranges and combined. Multiple exposure 'in camera' is permitted, as is adjustment by smartphone apps. Entrants with prize-winning entries will be required to produce the original image file before a prize is awarded.  Entry images’ EXIF data will be checked for device, time and editing details.


All images will be uploaded directly from entrants’ smartphones to the Entry page of the website at www.24hoursinbristol.co.uk.  All images submitted will be displayed in the 2017 Gallery section of the website. Judging will be carried out using mobile phone and tablet images submitted online.  


Copyright in all images entered for this competition remains with the respective entrants. However, in consideration of it providing the Competition, each entrant accepting a prize thereby grants a non-exclusive, royalty free, irrevocable worldwide licence to 24 Hours in Our City Ltd. and the event partners to hold images on its database and to reproduce, enlarge, reformat, excerpt, publish or exhibit on any media any or all of the submitted images and to use them in any publication and website and including the right to publish a book and to sell fully-attributed prints or images to defray the costs of the Competition. All entrants agree that the Competition organisers can sub-licence images to the media and event partners for reproduction in connection with the competition and exhibition. The Competition Organiser will make every reasonable effort to ensure that any photograph published in any medium is properly attributed to the photographer.

Prizes and Exhibition

All images shortlisted for final judging will be exhibited for a prize presentation in late October/early November (Date to be confirmed). The exhibition will be open to the public and all shortlisted entrants, event sponsors and partners will be invited by email to the prize-giving and exhibition private view evening.


Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the judges. There will be three overall prizes as well as prizes for the best photographs taken in each hour, plus additional prize categories. The judges’ decision on all aspects of the Competition will be final and there is no appeal or dispute procedure. The Competition Organiser reserves the right to modify or replace the competition prizes at its sole discretion.

Responsibility and Obligation

All work entered must be an original photograph taken between noon on Saturday, September 30th and noon on Sunday, October 1st 2017 and must be the sole work of the entrant who must own the copyright of the work. All works may be used for press and publicity purposes in connection with the competition and images may be made available online. The entrant agrees to waive all fees if the work is reproduced in the press and other media in connection with the competition and for the promotion of the City of Bristol. The Competition Organizer will endeavour to take good care of works entered in the Competition but the Competition Organizer will not be liable for any loss or damage to works submitted whether such damage is caused by the negligence of the Competition Organizer or its staff or otherwise. Photographers submitting works to the Competition shall indemnify and keep indemnified Competition Organizer against any actions, claims, proceedings, losses, liabilities, charges, costs and expenses which Competition Organizer may incur arising out of or in connection with any actual or alleged financial or contractual arrangements between such photographer and any agent (other than Competition Organizer) or any other third party.


  • 11.00am Saturday, September 30th - deadline for online entry registration
  • 12.00 noon Saturday September 30th to 12.00 noon Sunday October 1st = 24 hour competition period
  • 09.00am Tuesday October 3rd -  deadline for uploading entry photographs
  • Tuesday October 3rd – Friday October 13th– online judging.
  • Monday October  16th – Thursday October 26th– printing and hanging
  • Friday 27th October – prize-giving and exhibition private view (TBC)
  • Saturday 28th October – Exhibition opens to the public (TBC)

The above terms, conditions and dates may be changed by the Competition Organisers at any time.  Such changes, if any, will be announced on the Competition website.

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