BBC wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan to judge the new 'Nature & Wildlife' category



Michaela Strachan is one of Britain's well known TV presenters and we are delighted that she will be judging the new competition category for the best image of Bristol's nature and wildlife.

Michaela and '24 Hours in Bristol' organiser Megan Witty spent years filming wildlife around the world for the popular Really Wild Show - from lemurs in Madagascar to orang utans in Borneo and the Great Migration in Kenya.

Michaela was recently on our screens presenting Springwatch. She first started in television in 1986, presenting music and children's programmes, but these days is best known for her wildlife series. Some of the programmes Michaela presented include The Wide Awake Club, The Hitman And Her, The Really Wild Show, Michaela's Wild Challenge and Countryfile. 

Michaela has worked extensively as a presenter on the BBC, one of her most well known programmes was the hugely popular childrens' series The Really Wild Show, which she presented for 15 years. She also presented the BBC wildlife series Orangutan Diaries, which she filmed in Borneo with vet Steve Leonard, and Elephant Diaries which she co-presented with Jonathan Scott. Her fascination with sharks led her to cage dive in the BBC documentary Shark Encounters and her love of Orangutans meant she was the perfect presenter for Orangutan Rescue, a BBC documentary where she helped rescue Orangutans after the fires in Borneo.   

Aside from her wildlife successes, including 10 years as a regular on BBC One's Countryfile, Michaela has presented two series of Great British Ghosts for Yesterday TV, One Man and his Dog for the BBC, a series about fossils The Fossil Roadshow for BBC Two, a gardening series Full Bloom and even a cookery series Club Vegetarian for Granada TV.

She is regularly invited as a guest on TV celebrity shows such as BBC One's Total Wipeout and ITV's Splash and Big Star Little Star where she appeared with her 10 year old son Ollie.  

Michaela has also been touring zoos, wildlife parks and festivals with her children's show 'Michaela Strachan's Really Wild Adventures', a fun, factual, educational and interactive show which has been adapted from her book of the same name. 

Michaela will be back on our screens this autumn for the latest BBC Two Autumnwatch where she joins Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games for the popular Springwatch, Autumnwatch, Winterwatch live programmes.

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