Smartphone Photo Workshops for Competition Entrants

These will be 3 x 1 hour smartphone photography workshops running from 0900-1200 on Saturday 30th September at competition HQ at The Galleries in Broadmead.

The workshops are being run by Smartphone photography expert Nigel Goldsmith, who has worked as a commercial editorial photographer for nearly 30 years.  His images have been published in numerous national magazines and newspapers and he has also lectured in photography and media at the University of Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and Coventry.

These fantastic smartphone photo tutorials will give competition entrants vital last minute tips to help capture those award-winning competition photos!

Introductory level workshop
In this session Nigel will go through some of the common problems people have when taking pictures with their camera phones and how to address them. We will look at the app settings, a few simple camera app controls before doing an exercise on lighting. We will also look at a few accessories that can help to improve pictures taken with a smart phone. 

Intermediate level workshop
We will explore some of the features a user might look for when choosing a camera app. We will look at exposure settings, colour temperature, white balance and file formats. We will also discuss smart phone camera accessories. 

There will be 20 places on each of the 3 courses.  If you would like to join one of the workshops, please email

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